The Black Dog Video Newsletter: “Words Confuse Some Edition!”


The Black Dog Video Newsletter: “Words Confuse Some Edition!”

So there seems to be a bit of confusion on what exactly is happening with the video stores. I thought my previous Newsletter laid it out perfectly clear in my mind but that’s in my mind. Apologies if you misunderstood…

Cambie Shop – Is no longer operating under the Black Dog Video banner. It has been sold to RJ and he will maintain it as a video store under the name Video Cat. I will no longer be working there or have anything to do with the shop (unless RJ needs a bit of help!).

Commercial Shop – Will remain Black Dog Video for the foreseeable future (hopefully forever!). I will be working there pretty much full time.

The weekly newsletter will be focused on the Commercial shop and what’s happening there (we have lots of big ideas on the horizon!). I will also provide links to what Video Cat is up to (, Instagram – Everyone is welcome to still receive this missive but I understand if you Cambie folks are no longer interested.

New Releases!


Beyond the Visible: Hilma of Klint – Doc about Hilma Klint who was the world’s first abstract artist before that term even existed. She blew people’s minds, man.


Bliss – Painter suffering from creator’s block turns to a spiraling hellscape of drugs, sex, and murder for inspiration. Cool.


Coma – Cool-looking sci-fi effort about an architect who wakes up after a nasty accident to find the world has changed into a crazy dystopia. And no, it’s not a documentary.


Outlander Season 5 – Season 5 of a lot of folks favourite show.


Succession Season 2 – Season 2 of my favourite show from last year.


The Tobacconist – Nice-looking German film about a fella who befriends Ziggy Freud during the Nazi occupation of Vienna.


The Trip to Greece – The boys go to Greece. Hilarity ensues.


Shirley – Elizabeth Moss is writer Shirley Jackson (The Lottery, Haunting of Hell House – one of my favourite books and films) in this cool-looking bio-pic of sorts.


Weathering with You – Nice-looking Japanamation tale of a guy who befriends a girl who can control the weather. Make it rain, please.


Wolf Hour – Naomi Watts is a former counter-culture icon who lives in the Bronx in the sweltering, and deadly, summer of 1977.

Coming Soon!

Cut Off
Deadwater Fell
First Cow
Gordon Lightfoot: If You Could Read my Mind
Hope Gap
Waiting for the Barbarians
Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin
Yes, God, Yes!

We’re going to be doing some things of note in the future! Look for The Black Dog Empire to start spreading it’s wings soon!


Sorry for the ultra-long post today. I hope that most of you will continue to receive and enjoy these newsletters and I hope to see you in the Commercial shop soon!

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