The Black Dog Video Newsletter: “We’re Back, Baby Edition!”


Mark May 29th on your calendar, on your forearm, on your child or neighbor’s child as that is the day we will be re-opening the shops on a regular basis (providing nothing else happens between now and then – volcanic eruption, rogue asteroid, murder hornets)! Hours are still yet to be determined (they will be shorter days) so stay tuned for more details. Huzzah!

Until then, we are still offering our famous curb-side pick-up days. Tuesdays (today!) at Commercial, Wednesdays (day after today!) at Cambie and both shops on Saturdays. 3-6pm. Folks are also welcome to browse (not too long, please) if you are renting – no looky-loos – and we’d like to keep it to 5 folks max in the shops at any given time. Send us your orders online or email us at for all your movie dreams and wishes.

New Releases!


Exorcism at 60,000 Feet – (should be here sometime this week) – A pandemic of possessed people plague a passenger plane! What are you gonna do about it? My main takeaway from this film is – do aeroplanes really fly that high?


The Gentlemen – (should be here sometime this week) – Guy Ritchie returns to his roots of his (only?) successful genre – the quirky heist crime comedy action thriller!


The Informer – (should be here sometime this week) – Dude goes undercover in a prison to infiltrate the mob. Is that really a good idea?


The Invisible Man – Elizabeth Moss is stalked by her boyfriend who’s now invisible. Thoughts: If you could make yourself invisible, is that what you’d do with that cool, creepy power? Not rob a bank, hit Scheer with a pie or push Trump down a flight of stairs? Still, it’s a pretty fun ride.


Onward – Latest Pixar dealie about two elf brothers who go on an adventure to hang out with their dead dad. Fun!

Coming Soon!

Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and the Band
Creepshow Season 1
Harley Quinn Season 1
Watchmen Season 1
The Hunt

That’s it for this week folks! Stay safe, return your late films and we hope to see you soon!

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