The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Video Store Day Edition!


The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Video Store Day Edition!

This Saturday marks the 10th Anniversary of the creation of International Video Store Day! Come celebrate all that is wild and wonderful about the Video Store! Being we’re in the middle of a global plague, we’re going to keep the festivities a little more low key this year: No cake, beer, twerking or kissing booths. But we will offer you this –

All $5 sale DVDs and Blu Rays can be had for 2 for 1!

We have a pile of VHS for sale – $2 each or 10 for $10!

We’ll have two new T-shirt designs celebrating this fabulous month of Halloween!

Our cool Black Dog Masks will be back in stock.

And a big announcement regarding a cool, crazy project we’re putting together for November will be announced!

Please wear a mask and be respectful of other patrons. We’re all in this together, people!

New Releases!


Amulet – Homeless ex-soldier moves in with a woman and her decaying mother. But what’s really going on in this creepy-looking horror number?


Cut-Throat City – A hurricane heist in New Orleans!


The Dead Ones – Some kids serving detention are hunted by other kids dressed the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Jerks.


Eli Roth’s History of Horror – Pretty good history of horror films and their place in society. Worth a watch if you’re into horror (I am!) and even if you don’t like Eli Roth (I don’t!).


The Load – Heavy action/drama from Serbia finds a desperate fellow transporting a mysterious cargo through treacherous lands. Sounds like it may be in the vein of Wages of Fear and Sorcerer. Good vein!


Lucky Grandma – Comedy/drama abut an elderly Chinese lady who goes all-In at a local casino and finds herself on the wrong side of some scoundrels. Sounds great!


The Owners – Action horror about some punks breaking into a house but finding the elderly couple who live there are not what they seem! Ruh-Roh!


Quiz – Guy gets caught cheating his way to riches on Who Wants to be a Millionaire.


The Tax Collector – Violent gang dealy starring America’s sweetheart Shia LaBeouf.


Treadstone Season 1 – More assassins are created in the world of Jason Bourne! Just what we need.


Tremors: Shrieker Island – The Graboids (I guess that’s what they’re called) are the prey in this latest installment of this 30 year-old franchise. Kevin Bacon is not around to save the day this time. Sad face.

Old Titles Just In!

Elephant Man – Criterion DVD and Blu Ray
Nashville – Criterion DVD
Pumpkinhead – Blu Ray
Motel Hell – Blu Ray
Night of the Creeps – Blu Ray
The New Kids – Blu Ray

Coming Soon!

Fleabag S2
Blue Ridge
Hard Kill
My Spy
What We do in the Shadows S2

We’re sold out of that lovely Friday the 13th box set but we do have one more Jodorowsky set left! Hit us up!


That’s it for this week folks! Hope to see you spacially spaced out this Saturday (or before or after!)

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