So, the new website has launched! A few hiccups have already been discovered but my tech buddy, Shawn, is on the case! Check it out! There’s lots to discover here including memberships with lots of perks. Looks like we may have to adjust some things like shipping and what not so please bear with us.

Mark October the 29th on whatever it is you mark things down upon as we’re (Dylan, Alex and myself) doing another movie marathon to raise funds for the Food Bank! Starting at 11am, the 3 of us maniacs will be setting up our bedroom in the shop to watch all 7 Nightmare on Elm St films! Details at the bottom of the newsletter.

New Releases!

Belushi – Doc about the late and, sometimes, great John Belushi.

Blithe Spirit – Noel Coward’s comedy ghost story with Dan Stevens, Judi Dench and other actors.

Clarice Season 1 – Follow FBI agent Clarice Starling (not Jodie Foster) as she returns to work after all that Silence of the Lambs bugaboo.

Fried Barry – Barry, a drug-addled jerk, get his body hijacked by an alien who then goes on a bender through the seedy parts of Capetown. Sure, officer, an alien made me do it! Must try that sometime.

History of Horror Season 2 – Eli Roth and others take a deep dive into the world of horror films in this very good series.

The Night House – Aces haunted house type of affair finds Rebecca Hall dealing with the death of her husband as well as his secret life. A secret life sounds interesting but too expensive.

Old – M. Night’s latest scare-fest finds folks getting old at the beach. Hey people, ever hear of sunscreen?

Plot Against America – Winona Ryder stars in the alternative universe series where FDR was defeated by Charles Lindbergh in the 1940 election. Insert your favourite Charles Lindbergh joke here.

The Power – Haunted hospital affair finds a young nurse trapseing around a powerless hospital where some sort of unspeakable (shhh!) evil dwells.

Stillwater – Matt Damon (!) is a dad with a baseball cap who travels to France to help out his daughter who’s been accused of some crimes. This is not a sequel to Almost Famous.

Small Axe – TV mini-series from Steve McQueen (no, not that one) chronicling the lives of London’s West Indian communities from 1969 -1982. Top notch.

The Unthinkable – Sweden is under attack for some reason! Unthinkable! Inconceivable! Stop even trying to think of it!

Older Titles Fresh to the Shop!

Demons and Demons 2 – Blu ray
Robocop – Blu Ray
Tombstone – Blu Ray
The Thing (original)
No Reason

Coming Soon!

Don’t Breathe 2
On the Rocks DVD
Suicide Squad
Come True
Hidden Life of Trees
Prisoners of the Ghostland

Black Dog Video is pleased to announce our second annual FOOD BANK HORROR MOVIE MARATHON!

Last year we sat in the shop and watched every Friday the 13th movie in one sitting, and this year we’re tackling 14 HOURS OF FREDDY FOR THE FOOD BANK! One day, 3 guys, ALL 7 NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET MOVIES in one day to raise funds for the Vancouver Food Bank! Will we survive?!
DONATE ONLINE HERE: (Don’t forget to call the shop at 604 251-3305 or message us to register to win prizes)
JOIN THE FACEBOOK EVENT to watch the livestream here:
DONATE IN THE SHOP at 1470 Commercial Drive and enter to win many fabulous prizes donated by lovely local merchants. Watch us on the livestream as our NIGHTMARE COMES TRUE!

That’s it for this week folks! Stay safe, stay hydrated, be good to each other.

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