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New Releases!


After the End – Seems we’re going to be hit with a wave of pandemic, end of the word, type films. Hah! Remember when, after the Bubonic Plague ravished Europe, we got all those Bubonic Plague movies? Cashing in!


Are You Afraid of the Dark? Curse of the Shadows? More spooky tales for spooky kids!


Batman: The Long Halloween Pt 2 – A Halloween so long it took two movies to tell the tale. I could only wish Halloween went on longer. Blu Ray only.


Dreambuilders – Young animated girl has the ability to create and control other people’s dreams. Does she land in some hot water doing this? You decide!


The Misfits – I thought that Renny Harlin retired or died or something? Guess not. Here he’s behind the wheel steering Pierce Brosnan in this crime caper. “Oh, Pierce!”


Profile – British journalist gets sucked into some Islamic terrorist activities in this well-regarded thriller.


Voyagers – Colin Farrell, Tye Sheridan and others get shot into space where they descend into paranoia and madness. Sounds like a weekend at my house.

Older Titles Fresh on the Shelves!

The Lift
Sensitive Skin
Getting Straight
Sex and Lucia
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – extended cut (almost 100 more minutes overall) of the trilogy.

Coming Soon!

The Black Marble
Butcher, Baker Nightmare Maker – Blu Ray
Concrete Night
Grandmother’s House
The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard
House of Cardin
I Care A Lot
Icy Breasts aka Someone is Bleeding
Moby Doc
Moments without Proper Names
Peter Rabbit 2
Saint Maud
There is No Evil

Lots of things heading your way! In the meantime enjoy another video I did regarding Films I Should Have Seen by Now! Also tomorrow is Friday the 13th and to celebrate we’re dropping our podcast we did after watching all 10 of those films last November! Listen in as we discuss our thoughts about that madness. We had a blast doing it and so will you (no guarantees that you will have any blasts)! It’ll be here tomorrow at some point (as soon as Dylan has it ready).

Stay hydrated, stay cool, yo.

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