The Black Dog Video Newsletter: The New Deal Edition!


The Black Dog Video Newsletter: The New Deal Edition!

So as we trundle on into this dank future void of existence, I thought to brighten these gloomy days we’d bring back our 2 for 1 Monday deal! Starting Monday Feb 1, pop into Black Dog Video and rent 2 for 1 movies! Any and every title in the shop! Thumbs up!

New Releases!


Doom Patrol S2 – The adventures of the mad scientist and his weirdo super-powered outcasts continues!


Epicentro – Nice-looking documentary about the lovely country of Cuba and how movies have helped shape our perceptions of it.


Jungleland – Two brothers travel the lands hooking up for no holds barred boxing matches. Sounds like fun!


Let Him Go – A older couple set off to find their grandson following the death of their son. Sounds like fun!


Love, Weddings and Other Disasters – Comedyish movie about people who put together other folk’s weddings. I like Jeremy Irons except when he smiles.


The Village in the Woods – Village full of crazy weirdos must attract unsuspecting victims to feed on or something like that. Sounds like my last vacation.


Wild Mountain Thyme – Romantic type of affair with good looking people traipsing around Ireland. Think Hamm. John Hamm. Delicious.

Coming Soon!

(most have arrived on in the shop!)

The Expanse S4
Miss Juneteenth
Sea Fever
Rudeboy: Story of Trojan Records
The Savage is Loose

I’m also putting out feelers for folks that want to buy films. Wanting to know what kind of things y’all might be interested in? DVD? Blu Ray? 4K? We can offer great prices (better than Scamazon) and you won’t have to feel guilty buying from Dr. Evil.

One of my projects for this year (actually started it last year) is to watch older films that I should have seen by now but for whatever reason, I just haven’t. If you’re interested, check out my ongoing list here (plus ratings and tiny reviews). Feel free to follow, comment and make fun of me if you like.

Have a great week. Stay warm. Stay squishy. Keep watching.

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