With so much going on at the shop in the last month or so, I plum forgot that this little shop on Commercial Drive just turned 16 years old (Josie always reminds me)! Crazy to think. I’ve been doing this job for over 25 years now (RIP Cambie Black Dog) which is even crazier (for me anyways) to think. I just want to say thank you all who have passed through these doors (and continue to do so) for without you, we are nothing. Hears to 16 more!

New Releases!

Caveat – Drifter with memory loss accepts a job on an isolated island to look after a crazy woman. What could go wrong?

Coming Home in the Dark – Family is taken on an unwanted road trip by a couple of ruthless drifters. Lots of drifters this week it seems. Sign of the times?

Come True – Teenage runaway (drifter to be?) takes part in some sleep experiments that don’t work out so well. Looks cool.

Eyes of Tammy Faye – Jessica Chastain is Tammy Faye Baker and Andrew Garfield is Jim Baker in this bio-pic of these nice people.

Four Good Days – Glenn Close is Mila Kunis’ mom who helps her battle though substance abuse in this heavy duty drama.

Hidden Life of Trees – Do trees communicate with each other? Are Ents real? What’s that Rush song, “The Trees” really about? These, and other questions, may, or may not, be answered in this acclaimed documentary.

Kevin Can F Himself – Acclaimed show about a drifter…no wait, no drifters…acclaimed show about a sitcom wife (you know the kind, way better looking and intelligent then the husband) who comes to the realization that there’s more out there then sitcom life. Looks cool.

Nine Days – Strange sounding drama/sci-fi about a guy who conducts interviews with souls for a chance to be born. Stars the wonderfully named Zazie Beetz. Pair it up with Four Good Days for a total of 13 days!

The Resonator: Miskatonic U – Set in the Lovecraftian universe, The Resonator is a machine that allows folks to experience multiple dimensions while navigating the unsavoury beasts that dwell within them. Neat!

The Widow – Russian folklore horror tale about an entity known as the Limping Widow who dwells in the woods around St Petersburg. Many folks have disappeared in those woods. Mostly drifters.

Old Titles Just In!

The Beyond – Special Edition Blu Ray
Dead Ringers – Special Edition Blu Ray
The Siege – Lost Canadian classic DVD
The Wrong Box – DVD
Color Me Obsessed – Doc about the Replacements

Coming Soon!

The Bee Gees: How Can You Men a Broken Heart
The Eight Hundred
Jungle Cruise
The Protégé
The Show
Skull: The Mask

If you want to order any films with the chance of getting them before Christmas do not hesitate. Hit us up.

Till next week. Peace.

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