The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Summer Hours Edition!

With the light staying late longer (that make sense?) we’d thought it would be a good idea to adjust the hours of operation to fit the season. Not a big move – Black Dog will now be open until 9pm Thursday – Sunday (8pm Monday – Wednesday). We hope that this pleases you.

New Releases!


The Deuce: Season 3 – Season three of this great, gritty, sleazy slice of NY.


French Exit – Comedy/drama finds Michelle Pfieffer moving to Paris with her cat and her son after inheritance starts to run dry. Watch out for all the dog poop!


Happy New Year, Colin Burstead – Family dramatic drama from Ben Wheatley (Kill List, High Rise) finds a guy named Colin hiring a lavish country estate for his family to celebrate New Year. Things, of course, don’t go very well. Be boring of they did.


Hemingway: A Film by Ken Burns – Hemingway gets the famed Ken Burns treatment (not as painful as it sounds).


Heavy Trip – Heavy metal comedy from Finland finds a band called Impaled Rektum going to a heavy metal festival. Hilarity, I presume, ensues. This looks pretty great.


Morgue – Dude gets locked in a morgue overnight. Spooky things happen. Or do they? Probably.


Night Walk – Mickey Roarke (who, more and more, looks like an Arby’s sandwich left out in the sun for a few days) stars in this prison drama set in the Arab world,


Spare Parts – An all-girl band, Ms. 45, is kidnapped, have their limbs removed and replaced with crazy weapons and forced to fight as Gladiators. Not a true story.


The Unhealer – Bullied teenager acquires some sort of superpowers that he uses for bloody revenge. Not a true story.


Vanquish – Retired Russian drug courier is forced back into action for ONE LAST JOB. Stars Morgan Freeman (or someone who vaguely looks like Morgan Freeman).


The World to Come – Nice looking romantic drama about two women finding each other in the rough-living (and loving!) upstate New York of the 1850s.

Cool Older Things Hitting the Shelves!

Event Horizon – Blu Ray (also for sale!)
Wicker Man: Final Edition – Blu Ray (also for sale!)
Body Slam – Blu Ray
Perdita Durango
To Sir with Love

Coming Soon!

Anything for Jackson
Godzilla vs Kong
I Hate Suzie Season 1
City Hall (Fred Wiseman)
The Night
Streetwise: The Life of Erin Blackwell
The Unholy
Vikings S 6 part 2
Wrath of Man
Your Honor

There should be a hilarious new episode of the Black Dog After Dark Podcast up soon (hopefully later today). Tune in as we kick off the summer with a look at Weekend at Bernie’s!.

That’s it for this week, folks. Stay healthy, get vaccinated, summer’s almost here!
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