The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Shhh Edition!


Say you want to shop for some films to rent or buy but the rock and roll is getting you down? Well, we have a solution! Drop in on Wednesday evenings for some quiet time, some low stimulus shopping if you like. It’ll soothe that savage beast that is your soul. Calm blue ocean. Calm blue ocean.

New Releases!


American Dream – Crime drama about some Americans getting involved with Russian gangsters who then over-take their business. Insert joke here.


Ammonite – Lovely little film starring Kate Winslett and Saoirse Ronan about relationships and diggin up dinosaur bones.


The Boys Season 1 and 2 – A fun, violent, cynical and hilarious show about some vigilantes out to take down some corrupt superheroes. Good times.


The Climb – Well-regarded film about a couple of fella’s friendship and bicycles and betrayal and hilarity. Climb aboard!


Dreamland – Great Depression romance drama about a bounty hunter and a bank robber (Margot Robbie). Looks nice.


Elizabeth is Missing – An old woman with dementia (Glenda Jackson) tries to find out what happened to her friend who’s gone missing. Drama.


Radioactive – The lovely Rosmund Pike stars as the lovely Marie Curie who invents radioactivity or something.


Rebecka Martinsson S2 – Season 2 of this fine Swedish crime drama.


She Dies Tomorrow – Amy thinks she’s going to die tomorrow (see title) and convinces her friend, Jane, that she is as well. Heard swell things about this one.


Twilight Zone S2 – Season 2! Get your Twilight on.


We Got This – Down on his luck fella tries to solve the murder of Olof Palme and claim a huge reward in this swell-looking series.


You Can’t Kill David Arquette – Who knew David Arquette was a professional wrestler? Not me. Heard very good things about this doc.

Coming Soon!

Minding the Gap
Words on Bathroom Walls
Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story
Come Away
Come Play

That’s it for this week, folks. If you’re looking to get rid of your DVDs or know someone who is, give us a buzz as we’re always on the lookout for things!

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Talk at you next week.

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