The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Sexy Robot Edition!

I’m sure that you’re wondering about the title of this edition of the newsletter. We just released a new episode of the Black Dog Video After Dark Podcast where we punch our way through Rocky IV. Still perplexed? I bet. Seems that, for some reason, there’s a robot in this film and one of the characters seems to be a little sweet on it. Maybe too sweet. Listen in for more details (and lots of other nice things).

I’ve been getting down to the last of the leftover films I still have for sale. Check out what’s happening here! I’ve got some great titles still to come – I just have to make covers for them. Stay tuned!


I still have some swag – T-Shirts and Mugs – kicking around my house. Grab some before they’re all gone (and help me get them out of my place)!

I hope that everyone is doing OK out there. At least the weather is making a turn for the better. Funny, back in the day, I hated this time of year as it was quite hard on the shops what with everyone wanting to be outside and what-not. Don’t have to worry about that any longer. Enjoy!

Talk at you in a couple of weeks!

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