The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Rules of Engagement Edition!

The Big Sale! Here’s what’s happening on May 22nd (2022).

– All catalogue films will be on sale. No New Releases. Possibly no TV series (I may not get to price them in time)
– Doors open at noon and close at 6pm (that’s about all we can take)
– Masks are required to keep everyone safe(ish)
– Because it’s a small shop we’re only letting in a certain number of folks at a time (probably around 15). Please keep  your shopping short and sweet
– Please bring your own bags
– You pay cash (preferred) we’ll pay the tax
– There will not be any deals so please don’t ask
– Please be patient and kind as it’s going to be a trying time for us all. You may not get everything that you want. You can scream into the void after you leave the shop.

It’s going to be a crazy busy day, but let’s make the best of it. Man, beer is going to taste great at 6:05!

New Releases

The Batman – If you like your Batmans grimy, wet, brooding, sad, mopey and overly-long, this is the film for you! The first 2/3rds I was like, this is the best Batman movie so far. The last 3rd I was like, when is this going to be over?

Belle – Cool-looking animated number about virtual reality and such.

Kurt Vonnegut: Unstuck in Time – Nice-looking doc about the famed author (Kurt Vonnegut) who talks about all kinds of stuff – when he fought Hemingway in the Thunderdome, his time as a snake charmer, when he drank Andre the Giant under the table (these things may or may not be in the film).

Licorice Pizza – PT Anderson’s latest cool dealie follows a couple of crazy kids as they run around L.A. (sih) in 1973. Yes please!

Succession Season 3 – Everyone’s favourite despicable idiotic rich family is back for more wild and wacky adventures. Yes please!

X – Sweet-looking new horror number from Ti West (House of the Devil) finds a bunch of young filmmakers making a dirty movie in a rural farmhouse who get in dutch with the locals who don’t approve of such behavior. Yes please!

Coming Soon!

Studio 666
Ray Donovan: The Movie
Everything Everywhere All at Once

That’s it for this week, my lovelies. Stay safe, stay hungry.

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