The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Ringing Your Bells, Stuffing Your Stockings Edition!


The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Ringing Your Bells, Stuffing Your Stockings Edition!

Why does it seem that Christmas manages to sneak up on me every time? Even in this messed up year. Anyways, here we are. And what better way to celebrate than with the Black Dog Video Empire’s latest podcast where we discuss our favourite Christmas movies?! Listen on Anchor and/or on Youtube where you can subscribe (for free!) and enjoy what we do! We’re adding new fun content all the time. Don’t miss out!

If you need any last minute sweet gift ideas to jam into your favourite person’s hosiery, we have what you’re looking for! T-Shirts (including a brand new design!), local hand-made masks, gift certificates and so many movies!


We’ll be open noon to 6pm on Christmas Eve and closed on Christmas Day. Open noon till 9pm on Boxing Day!

Purolator has managed to lose a big shipment due last week (they keep telling me it’s fine) but I do have more stuff on the way! Check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates.


We did get a few copies of Tenet and more are on the way for rental and for purchase.

Also received…


Aviva – Cool-looking romantic drama thing about a couple of folks finding love via the on-line intranet.


Everly – Selma Hayek dips her toes into the action/crime genre as a badass lady fighting off waves of assassins in her apartment for some reason.


The Rental – Dave Franco directs Alison Brie and Dan Stevens in this thriller about vacations, AirBnB (ScareBnB?) and secret secrets.

Arriving soon (fingaz crossed)

Avenue Five S1
The Craft: Legacy
The Nest
War with Grandpa
The Last Shift
Made in Italy
The Wolf of Snow Hollow

Also check out our daily Christmas movie recommendations here! Good times.

That’s it for this week folks. Have a safe, weird Christmas. Eat, drink, be merry, watch some films and wear a mask. Christmas 2020! Heck ya!

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