The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Remembering Nostalgia Edition!

I see lots of social media posts lamenting the demise of Blockbuster. I guess that some folks are looking back through rose/grey coloured glasses as Blockbuster was always a terrible store. What they should be missing is all the great mom and pop shops that have disappeared. Our response to this is our brand new T-Shirt! On sale in the shop and online. Small batch so get them while you can.

New Releases!

The 355 – Lots of fabulous ladies (Chastain, Cruz, Fan) take on the spy and espionage genre in this action romp.

The Eternals – Directed (for some reason) by the woman who made Nomadland, this Marvel film is actually pretty good!

House of Gucci – You have to say this with a stereotypical Italian accent. Fun, trashy affair with Gaga, Pacino, Driver, Irons and Leto camping it up as they tell the tale of the rise of Gucci (Italian accent again).

The King’s Man – Prequel to the other Kingsman’s movies. Gimme some of that tasty Ralph Fiennes, please!

The Superdeep – Monster chiller horror number from Russia answers the question, “What’s at the bottom of that deep, deep hole”? (Sorry not the dirty movie you were hoping for! – Sorry for that quip)

Old titles Just In!

The Alley Cats
The Image
The Lickerish Quartet
Flesh For Frankenstein
Black Moon
Black Moon Rising

Coming Soon!

The Beatles: Get Back (recalled due to sound problems)
Nightmare Alley
Matrix Resurrections
Coming 2 America
Red Rocket

Sorry we haven’t put out a podcast in the last little bit. We’re having some scheduling issues now that our producer/sound guy has an actual job! Thanks, Gregg!

It’s a long weekend! Pop in a grab something wonderful. Ta-at till then.

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