The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Overwhelmed Edition!

Wow. The response to announcing our closing has been nothing but overwhelming. I knew that we’d get some attention (media and customers) but nothing like what we’ve received in the past week. Folks are genuinely upset and saddened by us leaving. I knew that many of you liked us and felt what we do is important but, man, you all blew my head completely off (figuratively, not literally)! You’ve made this old man cry more times in the past week then I have in the past, well, forever. And that just makes me even sadder knowing how much we will be missed. Damn.

That said, we’ve decided to move the sale of the stock from May 1st to May 22nd (this date is subject to change as well) as we will not be ready (emotionally and physically) to let our wonderful catalogue go. I hope that this doesn’t mess too many of you up. Apologies in advance. So, unless something magical happens (wealthy benefactor/long lost relative with a haunted house), May 22nd for the sale – we are not taking reservations for sale items – and the end of June(ish) for closing.

Not much hitting the shelves this week (always a slow time for releases) but hopefully we’ll have something tasty for you next week. Now is a great time to pop in and rent some of our amazing back catalogue. Catch up on some films you should have seen by now before it’s too late.

One last thing before I let you go – I forgot to mention our Easter Podcast special dropped last week! Listen in as your favourite podcasters dig into Life of Brian! Good times.

Everyone be good to everyone out there.

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