The Black Dog Video Newsletter Oct 30-Nov 4 “25 Already Edition?!”

I was just informed that out latest podcast episode, Fright Night, which just dropped on Monday, was the 25th we’ve released! Zoinks! I had no idea (although we’ve recorded many more than that). Shout out to Dylan and Alex for indulging in the mayhem! Stay tuned for details on a live show that we’re putting together!

If anyone is interested in nabbing that sweet huge Criterion Godzilla Box Set (or any other Criterions, or anything else for that matter) hit us up as we can offer swell pricing (cheaper than Scamazon and you don’t have to use Scamazon!).

New Releases


3 From Hell – Rob Zombie’s latest attempt at making a horror movie. Might be time to hang up that scary hat, Rob Zombie (if that even is your real name!).


The Art of Racing in the Rain – A talking dog?! Waaa? A pooch named Enzo shares his success at being a good dog. Or something like that? I dunno. One of two “Art of” movies this week. Weird.


The Art of Self Defense – Jesse Eisenberg gets beat up and then joins a strange dojo to learn martial arts. Hilarity, I presume, ensues. I think this film has less talking dogs in it. Second of two “Art of” films this week. Weird.


The Dead Centre – A shrink starts to go crazy after a patient believes he’s died and come back to life but claims that he’s returned with something, possibly sinister, with him. I know how he feels.


Fast and Furious: Calvin and Hobbs and Shaw – The Rock and The Statham join forces with a sarcastic boy and his imaginary cat to defeat super-evil Edris Ilba or Idris Elba (you decide!). Actually, way more fun than one might think (despite there not being a sarcastic boy and his Imaginary cat in it).


Good Omens Season 1 – TV show from Neil Gaiman that features devils, angels, anti-Christs and the end of the world. Sounds fun! With David Tennant and one of the Sheens, Michael, I believe.


The Kitchen – Fun-looking crime thing stars Mel McCarthy, Liz Moss and Tif Hadish as gangster wives who continue on gangsterin’ after their hubbies get locked up for being gangsters.


Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark – Spooky stories abound in this adaptation of the creepy book. From the director of Troll Hunter and Autopsy of Jane Doe, so it has that going for it.

Coming Soon!

Escape from Stalin’s Death Camp
Satanic Panic
Riot Girls
Good Boys
The Farewell

We’re almost finished with our 31 horror recommendations for the month of Shocktober. Check out our fine list here!

Have a safe and scary Halloween, my lovelies. See you on the other side.

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