The Black Dog Video Newsletter Oct 3 – 9 “Scaretober Edition!”


Ah, October, where have you been? We missed you with your crisp clean air, chestnuts donging off the roofs of cars and, of course, Halloween, the most magical, wonderful time of the year! As has become somewhat of a tradition around these parts, we here at ye Olde Black Dogge will be serving up a tasty stew of horror movie recommendations! Everyday, starting 2 days ago, we’ll be posting a scary movie recommendation to (maybe) literally scare the pants off of you. We’ll try not to repeat too many suggestions from previous lists but if you’re interested, and I know that you are, click HERE! Happy Shocktober!

New Releases!


Barry – Excellent funny comedy (the best kind!) finds hit-man Bill Hader moving to LA and getting caught up in the live theatre scene.


Blood Fest – Fun-looking horror-comedy about some kids attending a horror festival only to find the diabolical and deadly plans the organizer has for all the attendees.


The First Purge– Ever wonder why or how they started these Purges? Ya, me neither. This is the first one of these that I watched and, except for the bad script, poor acting, nonsensical plot, lame production values, terrible lighting and lack of gratuitous violence, it was great!


Leave No Trace – From Debra Granik, the writer/director of the excellent Winter’s Bone, comes this intense drama about a dad and his daughter living off the grid until something happens that shatters their existence as they know it. Expect to see this one pop up on a lot of best of the year lists, unlike The First Purge.


Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich – A strange evil force makes a bunch of nasty puppets come to life at an auction and start murdering everyone. No, this is not a documentary. Written by the fella who made Bone Tomahawk and Brawl in Cell Block 99. So it has that going for it.


Sicario: Day of the Soldado – Very good follow-up to Sicario but without Emily Blunt, it’s a tad too dude heavy for my tastes. That said, and despite a bit too Hollywoody ending, it’s still a solid action thriller. Although I still don’t know what Soldado means. I guess I could look it up.

Coming Soon!

Dark River
Three Identical Strangers
Eighth Grade
Hotel Transylvania 3
Constantine: City of Demons
Shetland Season 4

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That’s it for this week folks! Don’t to check out our podcast here. It’s funny and informative and well, funny anyways.

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