The Black Dog Video Newsletter Oct 1 – 6 “National Black Dog Day Edition!”


National Black Dog Day ?! Wow, don’t mind if I do! Who knew that the folks at the Ministry for Arbitrarily Assigning Things to Days were such fans of our little shops? Thanks, guys!

Hey it’s October! And of course that means 31 Shocktober films to recommend to you folks who like the scary stuff. Every day for Halloween month, we’ll recommend a nice little horror film you may or may not have seen but should. It’ll be on the Facebook, the Twitters and the website!

New Releases!


Anna – Luc Besson’s latest caper about a lovely lady assassin who assassinates people who need assassinating.


Anna and the Apocalypse – Zombie comedy Christmas musical.


Armstrong – New doc about that show-off who trod upon the moon so many years ago.


Doom: Annihilation – Another stab at turning a fun, terrifying video game into a mediocre movie. Good luck!


Doom Patrol – Fun TV series with outcast heroes with names like Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Girl and Crazy Jane who get together to solve mysteries and such.


Driven – Drama action comedy thing that may or may not have something to do with John DeLorean.


Firecrackers – Another cool-looking female teenager film along the lines of Never Goin Back and Booksmart but maybe with a more serious tone. Teenage girls fighting their way against many lousy odds.


Itsy Bitsy – Giant nasty haunted spider terrorizes family for some reason.


Maiden – Doc about Tracey Edwards who captained an all-female crew on a boat (a m-fing boat!) for a big race.


Pavarotti – The man. The pipes. The beard.


Spider-man: Far From Home – Spider-man goes on vacation and finds there’s trouble a brewin’.


Tell Me a Story – Horror series that weaves classic fairy tales into modern stories full of murder and scary things and badgers and such.


Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am – Nice doc about the famed fine writer.

Coming Soon!

Annabelle Comes Home
The Deadwood Movie
Toy Story 4

That’s it for this week folks, just one more thing – Saturday October 19th is Video Store Day. Mark it on your calendars. We’ll have some fun!


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