The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Nov 21- 27 “So it Begins Edition!”

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So the Shout Factory Blu Rays have started to roll in. Some sweet titles with amazing art work! Many more are on the way. Hoodies and T-shirts have gone to the printers so they should be here soon. Things are happening! Indeed they are!

New Releases


Better Call Saul Season 4 – The fourth season of Better Call Saul! One of the best shoes on the TV!


Blindspotting – Excellent comedy crime drama that centres on a fella, fresh out of prison, who must reevaluate his relationship with his volatile best friend.


Cold Skin – Cool, or should I say cold, looking horror thriller from the director of Frontier(s) about a dude who takes a job in Antarctica as a weather observer, for some reason, but soon finds out the area is teeming with nasty things that come out at night.


Crazy Rich Asians – Word has it that this romantic comedy is actually quite excellent with many lovely montages of Singaporean street food (I’m in!).


The Forest of Lost Souls – Odd little horror thriller from Portugal about 2 people who meet in a famous spot known for suicides but one of them is not who they seem. Or maybe they are! But probably not. Looks cool.


The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time – Ah Jeez, another tornado full of sharks movie (not a documentary). How many tornadoes full of sharks can there be? This one involves time travel, sharks and, well, tornadoes. Hence the cheeky title.


The Meg – Pretty silly, poorly made, with crappy looking sharks movie about Jason Statham and friends fighting an enormous shark that was thought extinct. As stupid as this film was I have to say I quite enjoyed it for it’s craptacular crappiness.


No Offence Season 2 – Manchester cops going abut their business and getting their cop on! Good stuff.


The Third Murder – Another film (I think like 6 in the last 3 years) from Hirokazu Koreeda! Dude slow down, you’re making Takeshi Miike look bad! This one is a courtroom drama that centres around the murder of a factory president. Of course it”l be great.

Coming Soon!

The Little Stranger
Picnic at Hanging Rock

If you’re interested in something interesting to watch, check out our recommendations! We have many different categories and if you make it to the end of the page we have suggestions for new releases, if that’s your jam. Click here!

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