The Black Dog Video Newsletter Nov 19-25 “November Rain Edition”


What better time to hunker down with some great films then in November, the Novemberiest month of the year? I love it! Also, don’t forget our little pop-up sale happening this Saturday. Nick has some Strange films up for sale (and a lot of just regular films) starting at $5. This is not one of our huge sales that we periodically throw, just a small one-off with a smattering of interesting titles. Noon to 6ish at the Commercial location.


New Releases!


All Creatures Here Below – Sad tale about two poverty-stricken people on the run from something.


Blinded By the Light – Bruce Springsteen worms his way into the heart of an Asian kid struggling to fit in in 1987 London. I hear it’s very nice, just like the Boss himself!


Catch-22 – New mini-series of the fine book and OK movie of the same name.


The Chaperone – Some sort of bio-pic about Louise Brooks brought to you by the stuffed shirts who made Downton Abbey.


Cold War – Love story set in 1950’s (Cold War era – see title) Poland, Berlin, Yugoslavia and Paris. Word has it that’s it’s pretty great.


Dora and the Lost City of Gold – Live action Dora film. I wonder if that map is still going on about how great he is? I also wonder if there’s any swiping?


Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 – How long can they keep up the unrelenting bleakness of this fascinating tale. Watch and find out!


Kominsky Method – TV series about some old coots (boomers, presumably) who work in the theatre or something like that. Alan Arkin alert!


Luz – Cab driver is pursued by an unknown entity and has some evil thoughts on it’s mind. Sounds a bit like the known Entity.


Memory: Origins of Alien – Cool doc about the making and unknown history of one of cinema’s best monster movies.


Peanut Butter Falcon – Guy runs away from home with the hopes of becoming a wrestler. We’ve all been there. Word has it that this is a very lovely sweet film. If you like that sort of thing.


Poldark Season 5 – Season 5 of Poldark.

Coming Soon!

Angel Has Fallen
City on a Hill
The Goldfinch

That’s it for this week folks. Stay warm (we should have new T-shirts in stock by the weekend), stay hydrated, and keep watching!

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