The Black Dog Video Newsletter: No Newsletter Last Week Edition!

So there wasn’t a newsletter last week as we didn’t receive any films but I got a bunch in this week so there will be a newsletter this week. And here it is!

New Releases!


Belfast – Kid grows up in Belfast in the 1960s in black and white in this Oscar nominated film.

Boat People – Award-winning documentary follows a Japanese photojournalist who revisits Vietnam after the Liberation. Criterion release.

Bootlegger – Lots of drama in an Indigenous community in Quebec. May or may not contain bootlegging. Gets good reviews!

France – Celebrity journalist in France gets in a car accident. Drama, I presume, ensues. From director Bruno Dumont.

Manhunt Series 2: The Night Stalker – Excellent crime series creeps into Season 2: The Night Stalker. Sadly, no Darren McGavin to be found.

Matrix Resurrections – Need some more Matrix in your lives? Now’s your chance! Watch for falling folks!

Mogul Mowgli – The always good Riz Ahmed (also donning the pen for this one) is a rapping guy on the verge of stardom when he’s struck with an affliction of sorts. Sounds a bit like Sound of Metal (also excellent!)

Night Raiders – Canadian Indigenous sci-fi thriller about a mom who joins an underground band of vigilantes to rescue her daughter. Looks cool.

The Scary of Sixty-First – What’s the dark secret that this new apartment harbours? Weird title. Comedy and horror collide! Looks cool. Blu Ray only.

Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy – Award-winning Japanese romance drama has three women having dramatic lives and such.

A Writer’s Odyssey – A man is hired to kill an author but finds the world of the novel intersecting with reality. Sounds like my life. Looks cool.

Older Titles Fresh on the Shelves!

Highball (early Noah Baumbach)
Blue is the Warmest Colour – Criterion Blu Ray
Jules et Jim – Criterion Blu Ray
Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant – Criterion Blu Ray
Dead and Buried – Blu Ray
Black Christmas – Blu Ray
The AntiChrist – From the director of Shadows in an Empty Room

Coming Soon!

The Boy Behind the Door
Coming 2 America
Daigliesh Season 1
All Creatures Great and Small Season 2
The Nowhere Inn
Pilot: A Battle for Survival
Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City
Silent Night
West Side Story

That’s it for this week, folks! We recorded a podcast episode last night and it should be up in the next couple of days (right, Dylan?). Everyone be good to everyone out there. And remember, keep watching.

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