The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Nice to See You Edition!

Had a very nice time at the big yard sale this past Saturday. It was great to see so many familiar faces from the days of yore (last year etc). Sold off a lot of films and T-shirts and mugs and socks. I still have a few left and these will be the last of them. Forever. Promise. Hit me up at if yer interested.

With summer finally here, we thought it would be appropriate to release out latest podcast! Join Dylan, Alex and Darren drink and discuss Cape Fear (Can you hear the theme music in your head?) in all its incarnations… and drink. Digressions include Darren’s obsession with salted peanuts, Alex’s habit of breaking up fights and what it’s like to get shot in the dick. And, of course, Sideshow Bob vs Max Cady. Listen in here.

That’s about it for this session. I hope everyone is doing well out there (I’m still trying to find a good job!) and are ready to enjoy this summer (please no smoke, heat, snakes)!

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