The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Momma Mia Edition!

With the impending Mother’s Day celebration looming over all of our heads this Sunday, we thought it would be appropriate to enlist John Waters’ Serial Mom to help extol the virtues of mothers everywhere! Listen in to our latest podcast (Black Dog Video After Dark) as Dylan, Josie and I dig deep into this classic suburban satire! Join as we have a drink or two and chat, not only, about the film but also the cult of Don Knotts, nostalgia for video stores and the pros and cons of bludgeoning someone with a leg of lamb. Happy Mother’s Day!

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Also! I found a bag of those Ghibli socks we used to hock. They’re pretty cool and as a springtime bonus, I’m knocking 20% off the original price! You can nab a pair for only $7.99! Order through the website or email me at .

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I hope that everyone is doing just fine out there. Gonna be a hot one this weekend so lather up with that sunscreen! And wear a big fancy hat.

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