The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Mawr Shirts Please!

After selling out of all our shirts in two weeks, we’ve re-upped on some of the more popular designs. We have these two in stock in M, L and XL right now. We also have a few XXL in the Blockbuster and Restricted Cat styles.

Apologies for the unkempt-looking model.


New Releases!


The Cursed – What is this cursed menace that is threatening a small French town in the 19th century? Is it possibly a werewolf? Werewolf?!! There wolf!

The Girl Can’t Help It – Criterion release of the classic Jane Mansfield comedy with music about a gangster who hires a hard-luck press agent to make his airhead girlfriend a star.

Uncharted – Spider-man and Marky Mark team up for some adventures involving gold and airplanes.

Coming Soon!

Kurt Vonnegut: Unstuck in Time
The Batman

Succession S3
Ray Donovan: The Movie
Everything Everywhere All at Once

The sale of our lovely stock will take place on May 22nd. Not before, so please don’t ask. All the details will be in the next couple of newsletters and will be posted on the website.

There’s also a new podcast episode we just tossed out into the ether! Tune in here as us louts sit down, have a couple of pops, and discuss the 1985 horror classic, Demons!

That’s it for this week folks. Stay healthy. Stay safe.

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