The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Lava Hot Edition!


Well, you wanted the hot weather, you got the hot weather! It’s a little on the toasty side for my liking but I’m not going to complain. Might be time for a socially distanced visit to one of Vancouver’s lovely beaches! And then home to watch a movie!

If you’re doing some cleaning/downsizing and want to unburden yourself of your DVD collection, we are taking donations of every and all kinds! We can offer a little money or in-store credit for ones that we fancy as well. Send me an email –

New Releases!


Come and See – Intense, grim, insane WWII film from Russia gets the Criterion treatment! (Blu Ray coming soon!). I saw this at the film fest a number of years ago and parts of it are still seared into my brain. Top notch!


Gundala – Indonesian super-hero does battle with the wicked Pengkor (lousy Pengkor!) and his diabolical band of evil orphans!


The Outsider – Mini-series based on a pretty good Stephen King book about some nasty murders and the strange events surrounding them. Yep, sounds like Steve King alright.


Strange But True – A woman surprises the family of her dead husband with the news that she’s pregnant with his baby. Surprise!


Wild Goose Lake – Cool-looking Chinese gangster epic about a gangster on the lam. I’m in!


You Should Have Left – Kevin (Mmmm) Bacon stars in this little horror number about a family moving into a possibly haunted house! (At Commercial, soon to Cambie)

Coming Soon!

American Dharma
Queen of the Desert – Blu Ray
Unknown Girl
In the Fog
Zombi Child

We just released another Pandemic Edition of our podcast! Listen in as myself, Dylan and Alex discuss the Chuck Heston end of the world 70’s saga, Omega Man! Not to toot any horns but I think it’s one of our best and funniest episodes to date!

Also if you need some suggestions for what to watch on these hot steamy nights, check out or new release recommendations and also a few classics you may enjoy!

See you in the shops! Stay hydrated, sunscreened and safe!

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