The Black Dog Video Newsletter June 4 – 10 “Look at My Stuff Edition!


Well now that the big sale is behind us we’ve split the remaining DVDs and Blu Rays between the two stores. Drop in and fetch up some awesome titles for your collection or as gifts! T-Shirts are back in stock as well. You’d look great in our shirts! Seriously, you would.

But that’s not all! There’s a new episode of our famous podcast up and ready to be feasted upon by your ears! Click HERE to listen to Dylan, Alex and myself as we share a few pops and discuss to wonder that is Gymkata!

New Releases!


The Bookshop – Nice little film finds nice little Emily Mortimer opening a nice little bookshop in the year 1959 in, you guessed it, a nice little English town. Nice.


Climax – Gaspar Noe (Enter the Void) smashes his way back onto the screen with this gloriously insane dance-rehearsal-goes-off-the-rails-when-someone-spikes-the-punch-with-LSD film. Ruh-roh! The dancing is mind-blowing as is this rest of this wonderful piece of insanity. One of my favourites of 2018. Not for all tastes but mine for sure!


Dave Made a Maze – Odd but fun sounding film finds Dave, a frustrated artist, who builds a big fort in his living room but then has trouble finding a way out. I imagine that other things happen as well.


Holiday – Tough, some will say unpleasant, film about a love triangle gone bad involving gangsters and drug lords and a trophy girlfriend. Warnings of sexual assaults and more violence abound. Heard that it’s very good, though you’ve been warned.


Listen to Me Marlon – Great documentary about the fine actor known to many as Marlon Brando. “Whatcho talkin’ about, Stella?!”


Miss Bala – Remake of the Mexican film with the same name finds Gloria unwittingly being drawn into the world of cross-border crime. Oh, Gloria!


No Date, No Signature – Mystery from Iran finds a forensic pathologist coming across the body of someone he was in a car accident the day before. Did he kill this person? Or is there a greater mystery afoot?


One Sings, The Other Doesn’t – Criterion release of one of the late, great Agnes Varda’s films about a couple of women who’s lives become entwined in the 1970’s. Expect great things.

Coming Soon!

Captain Marvel
Gloria Bell
I Am the Night
Her Smell
JT Leroy
Knife + Heart
Woman at War

If you’d like some recommendations for stuff that we like that you may as well, click HERE!

That’s it for this week, folks! Be safe. Be strong. Keep watching.

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