The Black Dog Video Newsletter July 30 – Aug 5th “Crazy Deals for You Edition!”


You read that right, we have some crazy deals coming up this weekend – Saturday, Sunday and Monday! Over yonder at Cambie we have a big rack of $3 DVDs. Buy 2 and pay $5 but if you buy 10 (ten) you will only pay $10! Zoinks! Also all of our $5 titles can be snarfed up at a 2 for 1 holiday special deal (at both locations!)! And don’t even get me started on box sets! Come enjoy whatever made-up holiday that we’re celebrating this weekend at your favourite local Black Dog!

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s a new podcast episode ready and willing to bore into your ears and delight your funny brains. Check it out here!

New Releases!


Ash is the Purest White – Another excellent film from Zhangke Jia (A Touch of Sin) as this one follows two lovers who are involved in some mob stuff and whatnot over the course of 17 years. Get up on it!


Daughter of Mine – Lovely Italian drama about a daughter torn between two moms – biological and the one who raised her. That’s a spicy meatball!


El Chicano – Twin brothers living in East LA choose very different career paths. I’m going to guess Lion Tamer and Hand Model!


Level 16 – Cool-looking Canadian sci-fi effort (had a few of these as of late, what’s going on, Canada?!) about a tight boarding school where things are not as they seem. You figure it out!


Long Shot – Seth Rogan is grubby schlub Fred Flarsky who becomes the speechwriter and, somehow, romantic fella for presidential hopeful Charlize Theron. Comedy hijinks, I presume, ensue.


Lu Over the Wall – Delightful (it’s full of delight!) Japanese animation number about a gloomy girl who befriends a mermaid.


The Public – Emilio Estavez directs most of Hollywood in this drama about homeless folks taking over the public library on a cold night in Cincinnati.


Styx – VIFF fave about a woman sailor who encounters a bunch of shipwrecked refugees on the high seas. Hear that this is pretty great.

Plus a few nice Criterions ready to go!

Blue Velvet – DVD and Blu Ray
La Vie de Jesus
Mickey and Nicky
Stalker – Blu Ray (Commercial)
To Sleep with Anger

Coming Soon!

Amazing Grace
American Experience: Woodstock
Batman: Hush
The Command
The Curse of La Llorona
Penguin Highway
Pokemon Detective Pikachu
Kumiko the Treasure Hunter
Manhunt Series 1
Endeavour Season 6
Never Look Away

That’s all for this week folks. Hope to see you in the stores soon. We need all you wonderful people to keep on keepin’ on. Tell your friends about us. Tell your enemies. Get the word out. We’re counting on you!


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