I always find January a fairly depressing month as it comes hot on the heels of the festive December season. It’s a bit slower at your favourite video shop this time of year so we sure could use your support (in-store renting and buying, online orders, memberships etc.) during this dank dark time of year. Hope to see you soon!

New Releases!

Addams Family 2 – More animated hi-jinks from these lovable monsters.

Antlers – What’s going on in the woods? Ask Keri Russell and Jesse Plemons (might be my favourite actor working today).

Escape from Mogadishu – North and South Koreans must set aside their differences to – insert title here.

Last Night in Soho – Edgar Wright’s fun, colourful, noisy drama/horror/mystery is a blast. Just ask Dylan as it was his favourite film of the year.

Luzzo – Realism on the boats in Malta as a guy must decide whether or not to enter the black-market fishing industry.

The Man with Answers – A Greek diving guy and a weird German student take a road trip from Bari to Bavaria.

Mass – Two couples deal with the aftermath of a violent tragedy in this much ballyhooed drama with lots of acting.

Possession – Sam Neil and Isabelle Adjani’s marriage dissolves in this crazy-ass insane film from Andrzej Zulawski. All-Region Blu Ray (also have one for sale)

Sparks Brothers – Edgar Wright (again!) gives us this wonderful documentary of the much ballyhooed (again!) Sparks brothers! Blu Ray only.

Spencer – Kristen Stewart is Princess Diana who mopes about a castle planning to divorce mopey, big-eared Prince Charles.

Titane – Totally crazy, wonderful, violent, unpredictable film from the director of Raw. Not for everyone. See where this film ended up on my top picks of the year. Blu Ray only.

Old Titles New to the Shop!

The Long Goodbye – BR
Tokyo Godfathers – BR
Deep Rising
Agnes of God
Where Eagles Dare

Coming Soon!

The Djinn
13 Minutes
Zeroes and Ones
For the Sake of Vicious
Only the Animals
My Heart Can’t Beat Unless You Tell it To
We Don’t Deserve Dogs

And as promised, I have my top picks in film for the year 2021!

Here’s my top 10 (the rest can be found on my Letterboxd page – feel free to check out other lists and follow if you dare).

10. Pig – Excellent little drama is not what you think it is.
But what it is, is one of the best films of the year. Nic Cage!

9. Kajillionaire – Another quirky, strange gem from Miranda July. Might just have my favourite character name in sometime. I’ll not give it away here.

8. The Go-Gos – Loved this doc of a band I know nothing about. Lots of great old footage and photos helped to capture those crazy days.

7. Nomadland – Subtle. Smart. Engrossing. An American classic.

6. Saint Maud – Excellent slow burn horror/drama about the perils of commitment. And that Ending!

5. Another Round – Here’s to alcohol: the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems! Wonderful film finds 4 teachers staying drunk all the time for a life-changing experiment. I can see the grin on your face watching the last 10 minutes.

4. Collective –Excellent, sad account of a tragic fire in Bucharest and it’s even more horrible health care system that’s uncovered buy some dogged journalists. Who knew a doc about the Romanian health care system could be so intense and gripping?

3. Malignant – Wow! What an awesome, nutso film. Loved it to bits! Didn’t know anything about it going in and, like most things, it’s best that way. Surprised how much I enjoyed this. Probably the most fun watch I had last year.

2. Promising Young Woman – Holy hotdogs! What a great film! Intense. Sad. Funny. Topical. Easily one of the year’s best. Should be mandatory viewing for all dudes heading out into the world.

1. Titane – Wow! What a knockout punch of a film. Crazy violence, unpredictable story, broken French people. A little Cronenberg, a dash of Tetsuo and blammo, my favourite number for 2021.

Sorry for the overlong missive, my lovelies but here we are. Be good to each other out there.

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