The Black Dog Video Newsletter: It’s for Ch-Ch-Charity Edition!


The Black Dog Video Newsletter: It’s for Ch-Ch-Charity Edition!

In two days!

So here we are! Here’s where you can donate to the Food Bank for our Friday the 13th Marathon.

It’s easy! Click the “donate” button above and that will take you to the Food Bank donation page. Any donation of $13 or more will not only get you one free rental at Black Dog Video but will also enter you in one of our draws for fabulous prizes donated by wonderful local businesses! We will be doing one draw at the end of every Friday the 13th movie we watch and then a grand prize draw after we’re all done (assuming that we survive the ordeal).

After you’ve donated, send us an email with your name, donation amount and contact information to and we’ll toss you into our in-store ballot box. We will be doing this on the honour system so please be honourable. You can also phone the shop (after 12 noon) at 604-251-3305 with the above information. You can also drop into the shop where you can donate and fill out your ballot there as well (masks on, of course). Prizes are in-store pick-up only.

We will be live streaming the event on our Youtube channel and the Facebook event page so you can let us know all of the above information there as well. In addition send us comments, praise, scorn and watch along at home if you can!

Updates and details can be found here.

Many local businesses have been very generous with their donations. Prizes include lovely things from the following places:

Jefferson’s Barbershop
Container Brewing
The Downlow Chicken Shack
Highlife Records
Audiopile Records
Bandidas Restaurant
The Charlatan
Vera’s Burgers
Womyn’s Wear
The Jean Queen
Drive Coffee Bar
The Rio Theatre
Memphis BBQ
Juniors Bar and Grill

Windfall Cider

Zsuzsi Gartner (local author who’s donating a signed copy of her new book, The Beguiled!)

(we’re hoping for a few more as well)

It’s going to epic. Hope that you can join in!

New Releases!


The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco – The Bletchley ladies take their show on the road to solve a murder in San Fran.


Death of Me – A nice couple on vacation finds a mysterious video that shows one of them killing the other. Waaa? What kind of Club Med is this?


The Deeper You Dig – An accident leaves lives shattered and ghosts ghosting. Heard this is pretty good! Blu Ray only.


Desert One – Barbara Kopple is back behind the camera in this great doc about the secret mission to rescue American hostages in Iran in 1979.


Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai (Criterion Blu Ray) – Sweet Jim Jaramuch film gets the Criterion treatment!


Mulan – Live action hoo-haw of the much told tale.


Supersize Me 2: Holy Chicken – Morgan Spurlock (remember that guy?) opens his own restaurant! Hi-jinks, I presume, ensue.


The Trouble with Maggie Cole – Another swell comedy/drama show from across the pond!

Coming Soon!

Fleabag S2
Better Call Saul S5
A Rainy Day in New York
What If
What We Do in the Shadows S2
The Woman who Left
The Donut King
Harry Chapin: When in Doubt, Do Something
The New Mutants
Train to Busan: Peninsula
Westworld S3

We hope that you can tune in on the intranets or drop in the shop and watch us go slowly insane! See you Friday (if not sooner)

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