The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Is it Time Edition?

Now that the weather seems like it might be getting cooler (and appropriate for this time of year), you can all start wearing shirts again! And it just so happens that we just got in our brand-new Black Dog Video T-shirts! You can enjoy this Saul Bass, Anatomy of a Murder inspired shirt and be the envy of all who know you! We’ve also re-upped on the classic “Dogtropolis” design. Both are available through the website or if you just want to pay cash for a local pick-up, let me know.

And we have lots of Ghibli socks available as well. Christmas is coming!

I just added a bunch of documentaries and a few other bits to the site for purchase! Lots of good stuff at great prices! Christmas is coming!

Don’t forget to check out our Halloween horror movie recommendations! I post one a day for your scary season enjoyment!

I hope that everyone is doing well out there! Miss you all (almost all)!

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