Just wanted to say a big warm huggy thank you to everyone who donated on-line and in the shop for our Vancouver Food Bank Movie Marathon. We raised $2090! Amazing! And thanks to all the great vendors who kindly donated their wares and such for great prizes. It was a long day – started at 11am, finished at 2am – but it was worth it. Hope to do it again in a year as it will take me that long to recover!

New Releases!

The Banishing – Haunted house movie alert! And there’s some banishing going on as well!

Beans – Canadian film chronicles the 78-day standoff between two Mohawk communities and government forces in 1990 in Quebec. There may also be some beans.

Best Sellers – Grizzled (love that word) Michael Caine is a cranky old author who hits the road with Black Dog customer Aubrey Plaza for some hi-jinks.

The Crown S4 – Heelllooo! It’s me the Queen!

The Emperor’s Sword – Hi falutin magic sword epic looks epic.

The Flood – Revenge is a dish best served up western style. And cold, of course.

Muhammad Ali – The Greatest gets the Ken Burns treatment in this huge, wonderful doc.

Old Henry – Cool looking western finds a gun fella defending an injured man with a pile of cash against a dubious posse.

Pig – Someone has pig-napped Nic Cage’s truffle pig. What’s he gonna do?

Reminiscence – Huge Jackman is a private dick of the mind (of course he is!) in this sci-fi chiller.

Respect – Bio-pic alert! Jennifer Hudson is Aretha Franklin.

The Truffle Hunters – Lovely doc about some old men and their dogs (not pigs, sorry) who search for the rare white Alsa truffle. Make it truffley great night with this and Pig!

Coming Soon!

Four Good Days
Kevin Can F Himself
Nine Days
Bee Gees: How Can You Mend a Broken Heart
Eyes of Tammy Faye
Jungle Cruise
The Widow

We’re all done our Halloween picks for the year (sad face). Check out the list here and poke around the new site, see what tickles your fancy, sign up for a membership. Who knows what can happen!

Till next week. Peace.

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