This Friday, join us for our annual movie marathon to raise funds for the Vancouver Food Bank!

Last year Dylan, Alex and I camped out in Black Dog and watched every Friday the 13th movie in one sitting, and this year we’ll be snuggling in a big comfy bed in the shop as we tackle 14 HOURS OF FREDDY FOR THE FOOD BANK! One day, 3 guys, ALL 7 NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET MOVIES to raise funds for the Vancouver Food Bank! Will we survive?!

DONATE ONLINE HERE: or IN THE SHOP at 1470 Commercial Drive and enter to win many fabulous prizes donated by lovely local merchants including…

Container Brewing
The Charlatan Restaurant
Strange Fellows Brewing
Main St Coffee
The Rio Theatre
Downlow Chicken Shack
Grandview Lanes
Jefferson’s Barbershop Commercial Drive
Rosemary Rock Salt
Audiopile Records
High Life Records
Bandidas Restaurant
Black Dog Video

Watch us on the livestream as our NIGHTMARE COMES TRUE!


Donations are being accepted now!

New Releases!

Don’t Breathe 2 – Fairly good sequel to the over-looked original. Lots of carnage but the problem I had was that there’s really only bad guys (except for the little girl) in this film with varying degrees of badness. Who do you root for? The bad guy, I guess.

Stowaway – Three folks are on their way to Mars (no it’s not Bezos, Musk and Branson) when they discover another dude on board! Problem is they only have enough supplies for the 3 of them. But there is an airlock.

Suicide Squad – Much superior reboot of a film that’s 5 years old. If you like this kind of thing and I’m sure that you do!

Warning – In a future where folks depend on technology for everything in their lives (the future?), things go off the rails when the grid goes down!

Coming Soon!

The Banishing
The Crown S4
Gomorrah S 1 and 2
Nine Days
Best Sellers
Four Good Days

That’s all for this week folks. I hope that you can help with the Food Bank fundraiser. It sucks that we need a food bank at all, but we do, and it’s folks like you who can make a difference. Cheers, to you all!

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