The Black Dog Video Newsletter Feb 18-24 “Sucking the World Dry Edition!”


My friend and local artist, Grant Mercs, rendered this totally accurate portrait of Jeff Bezos, richest glob in the universe, sucking in all the money in the world for himself. Just a friendly reminder to shop local! And now back to your regularly scheduled newsletter…

New Releases!


21 Bridges – The Black Panther is a hot cop hot on the trail of some cop killers who like to cross many bridges in this thriller of sorts.


Another Day of Life – Cool-looking animated fare that traces a famous Polish reporter as he traipses across war-ravaged Angola for 3 months. Not the vacation I signed up for!


Disturbing the Peace – Guy Pearce is a small town sheriff who must battle some crazed bikers who are in town for the weekend to pull of a heist! For all you “Pearce-heads” out there.


JoJo Rabbit –A young fella, who loves Nazis and is enrolled in the Hitler youth, finds out there’s a young Jewish girl living in his house. Did I mention that his best (imaginary) friend is Hitler? Did I mention that it was a comedy (with some heavy drama involved)? Did I mention that I loved this film?!


Midway – Another re-telling of that famous battle with the planes and the boats and the guns and the bombs and the hey-hey in WWII that turned the tide for the good guys. From disaster artist Roland Emmerich.


Twilight Zone – Another kick at the TZ can, this time from Jordan Peele. Get out!

Coming Soon

Fleabag Season 1 (should be on the shelves by the end of the week)
Knives Out
Frozen 2
Mystery Road Season 1
Greener Grass (Commercial)

We’re hoping to have those blu ray players ready for rent, as well as one of those gizmandios that can hook up to a computer, by next week. Stay tuned. Until then here’s some NR recommendations!

Till next week, my lovelies…

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