The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Ensconcing Your Lovely Flesh Edition!


A fresh new desirable line of T-Shirts just washed up on the shores of your favourite video shop (Black Dog Video)! Only $19.99 and you could be the envy of all your friends and enemies. We’ve also just received another batch of the amazing “Dogtropolis” shirts designed by the lovely and talented Vanessa! Get ‘em before you can’t!


New Releases!


Abe – Nice little comedy/drama about a 12-year old dude named Abe, who loves cooking so much he whips up a big dinner for his half Israeli and half Palestinian family. What could possibly go wrong?


Arkansas – Crime drama about crime going wrong for characters named Frog, Bright, Swin and Kyle. Pretty good cast.


The Etruscan Smile – Sweet film with an unwieldy title finds the always great Brian Cox as a gruff old Scotsman who reluctantly travels to San Fran to get medical treatment. There he ends up staying at his estranged son’s place. Life lessons, I presume, ensue.


Extra Ordinary – An Irish driving-instructor with supernatural abilities is asked to help prevent a washed-up rock star from signing a pact with the devil for a return to fame. Not a documentary but a funny comedy ghost horror comedy.


One Cut of the Dead – Awesome Japanese comedy horror zombie comedy horror movie about some kids making a low-budget zombie movie when an actual zombie outbreak breaks out. Yes please!


When Lambs Become Lions – Intense, excellent documentary that looks at the Kenyan ivory trade from both the poacher’s and the ranger’s perspectives.


Young Ahmed – New film from the always amazing Dardenne brothers (The Son, The Child, Two Days, One Night) finds a Belgian teenager hatching a plot to murder his teacher after he embraces an extreme interpretation of the Quaran. Ruh-Roh!

Coming Soon!

The Banishment
Beecham House
Corpus Christi
Force of Nature
Last Moment of Clarity
Promise at Dawn
Turin Horse
Wicked Wicked
Winter Hunt

That’s it for this week, folks. If you need some recommendations on what to check out, check out our various recommendations pages (goes well with our 5 catalogue titles for $15 deal or 3 New Releases for the price of 2!). All kinds of nice things can be found there!

Make sure that you tune into next week’s episode of the newsletter as we will have a major announcement to announce! Till then, take care and be safe!

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