The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Ears and Wallets Edition!

Another “last” concerning your (former) favourite video store – we just unleashed the last ever podcast to be recorded in the shop. We will continue to do the show, but it won’t be from the friendly confines of the video store. But please listen in here as the 3 of us louts have a couple of pops and discuss the classic retail comedy, High Fidelity!

I’ve been sorting through what’s left of the stock (still a few thousand titles it seems) to get ready to put them up for sale on the website. I’m just currently retooling the site to make it more user friendly. Please stay tuned. Meanwhile here’s just a dabbling of some new things you can order!

That’s it for this week, folks. I hope that everyone is OK out there. Be safe, be cool, maybe just be….

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