The Black Dog Video Newsletter Dec 17-31 “End of Days (or Year) Edition!”


This will be the last newsletter of the year (2019) as we’re not expecting much in the line of films arriving at the stores until the first week of January. We are hoping to have a couple of nifty sale items before Christmas but it might be close. They might include another one of those gorgeous Godzilla Criterion sets, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood combos (available now!) as well as a lovely Suspiria Blu Ray!

Our Holiday Hours are as follows at BOTH locations…

Monday December 23rd – noon till ten
Tuesday December 24th – noon till 6 pm (may stay later if folks show up)
Wednesday the Christmas Day – Closed
Thursday the 26th – noon till 10pm.
Tuesday December 31st – noon till 8pm (may stay later if folks show up)
January 1st – noon till 10pm
Note – the two weeks from the 23rd to the 3rd, Cambie will open at noon.

New Releases!


Abominable – Three meddling teenagers must help a bloodthirsty Yeti find his way home in this animated family affair.


Ad Astra – Brad Pitt gets shot into space to find his dad and save the world. I’m really hoping his dad is played by Ed Asner.


Downton Abbey Movie – Find out what the gang is up to as the Royal Family pops in for a visit. Will Carson unfurl his brow? Will Edith be sad? Will Jeeves fall down the stairs? Will Greasy Joe eat that sandwich? So many important questions!


Ghosts in the Graveyard – A ghost comes back to haunt some teens after they saw her become a ghost in the graveyard! Sung to the tune of Mirror in the Bathroom.


The Happy Prince – (On the shelves tomorrow or Thursday!) – Rupert Everett is Oscar Wilde (at least in this film where he also writes and directs) who said one of my favourite quotes – “Everything in moderation. Including moderation.”


Linda Ronstadt: Sound of My Voice – Swell documentary about the famed singing and her amazing pipes. (On the shelves tomorrow or Thursday!)


Long Day’s Journey into Night – Very well regarded mesmerizing nourish film tells the story of a guy going back to Guizhou to look for a missing woman. But it’s much more to it than that. (On the shelves tomorrow or Thursday!)


Queens of Mystery – Fun, BBC-soaked mystery comedy show about the wacky adventures of 3 sisters who solve crimes. (On the shelves tomorrow or Thursday!)


Rambo: Last Blood – Nothing says Christmas like Sylvester Stallone butchering some Mexicans!


Where’s my Roy Cohen? – Documentary about the evil mastermind responsible for launching trash like Joseph McCarthy and Trump into our faces and creating the current nightmare that is American politics.

Coming Soon!

The Lighthouse
Big Little Lies Season 2
Paradise Hills
A Million Little Pieces

That’s it for this year folks! Please have a safe and wonderful holiday and I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all that continued to support us in these tough times. We couldn’t do it without you. Who knows what 2020 will bring (besides the best of the year/decade lists) but changes will be afoot at Black Dog Video. Stay tuned.

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