The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Day Late and Several Dollars Short Edition!

We were hoping to have the new amazing website launched today but the forces that be have stymied our best efforts. We’re shooting for early next week so stay tuned!

As a wee bit of sneak peek, here’s the new mugs we’ve been bragging about. Available now in-store. We’ve also received more of those nice comfy Studio Ghibli socks to ensconce your feet!

New Releases!

Apocalypse ’45 – It’s the end of WWII as we know it. Or thought we did. All new (well not really new but new to us!) footage of the end of this nasty business.

Beasts of No Nation – Heavy, excellent drama about a child soldier doing all that nasty child soldier business somewhere in Africa. Criterion DVD.

Berlin Alexanderplatz – New re-imagining of the classic series that tells the tale a refugee fellow from Africa who falls under the dangerous spell of a drug dealer in Berlin.

The Empty Man – Cool-looking (if not long) horror number about a an ex-cop fellow who, while looking for a missing girl, happens across a group of weirdos who are trying to summon an evil spirit. Heard good things about this one!

Great White – Bunch of folks are trapped in (on?) a raft while some hungry sharks look for their next meal. I like sharks.

My Wonderful Wanda – Wanda works looking after an older couple and becomes embroiled in their family’s drama, comedy and pregnancy. From Switzerland!

Slalom – French drama about a 15 year-old skiing phenom and her intense, maybe even abusive, coach. Gets high marks on the internets.

Willow – Three stories about motherhood span decades and centuries. Gets high marks on the internets. From Macedonia!

Coming Soon!

Black Widow
Ghost Story
It’s Only The End of the World
Lady of the Manor
Fried Barry
The Hidden Life of Trees

We should have a fabulous new episode of the Black Dog Video After Dark podcast up in the next day or so. Listen in as us louts chatter on about Sleepaway Camp!

That’s it for this week folks! Stay safe, get vaccinated, wear a mask, don’t eat horse goo. Peace.

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