The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Creepy Dolls and Flying Balls Edition!


I love this time of year. Fall. Halloween. It’s not summer anymore. With that said I have a few items on the agenda to discuss.

We have a new Halloween themed podcast episode that was just released! We kick off our Halloween season by drinking and chewing the fat over Don Coscarelli’s bizarro horror classic Phantasm…and drinking. Digressions include Zombo Strongoni, the correct way to ride a bike and how many Baldwins is too many Baldwins? I think it’s one of our best episodes! Listen in here!

Also! I’m in the market (free market that is) for any creepy (or non-creepy) dolls for our Halloween display. If you have any of these things that have been haunting your hallways and dreams and want to expel them from your home, drop me a line.

And one last thing! Since it’s Halloween month, and I know that you all love scary movies, here’s a list we complied a few years ago (been recently updated) of our favourite horror films! Just in case you need a recommend (since we can’t do that in the shop anymore).

Enjoy the day, my lovelies, I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with another episode!

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