The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Crazy For You Edition!

The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Crazy For You Edition!

Just wanted to toss out a big heart-felt thank-you to all who popped into the shop this past Video Store Day (and to everyone else who has walked through these doors). It was a fine day and we wouldn’t still be here without you.

My podcast co-hosts, Dylan and Alex and I have concocted a crazy scheme that we’re going to pull off on Friday November the 13th. We’re going to set up camp (!) in the shop with a TV, some not-so-comfortable chairs and maybe some snacks and watch the first nine (9) Friday the 13th films in a row! (Alex wants to do 10 but I think he’s insane). We will be starting around 8am and hope to be finished by 2am. It will be a charity event to raise funds for the Vancouver Food Bank. We’ll be live-streaming it so you can watch from the safety of your home as we slowly go insane. More details to follow!

In case you didn’t happen by the shop this past Saturday, we debuted two new Halloween themed T-shirts! We also have more of the famed “Dogtropolis” shirts and the cool Black Dog masks made by local artisan hero Tina at Oona Clothing back in stock. Make some nice gifts, yes?


Due to a shipping hoo-haw, we didn’t get anything new for you this week but will have a ton of things next week including…

Creep 2
Dead Still Season 1
Hard Kill
Modus Season 1
My Spy
The Quarry
River of Grass
Secret Garden
The Windermere Children

And last but not really least – follow along with us as we recommend a swell horror film everyday for this spooky Screamtober! You can check out the website, Facebook or Twitter for daily updates.

See you in the funny papers.

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