The Black Dog Video Newsletter “Ch-Changes Edition!”


Hello! We have some swell news for y’all! Starting today (Monday June 8th) we’re increasing our rental period for New Releases to 3 nights! Mind blown. And starting this Friday (June 12th) we will be extending our hours to 7pm! Both shops. Good times! On a bit of a bummer note – our debit machine went up in flames at the Commercial shop and is currently pooched. We should have a new one tomorrow (Tuesday) but for now it’s either cash only or we can add the charge to your account to be paid at a later date, a tab if you will.

New Releases

(whenever Canpar decides to deliver them! Hopefully soon! They’ve now moved ahead of Purolator as most frustrating courier company to deal with! Good job!)


Beanpole – Heavy Russian war drama about two women trying to survive and rebuild their lives after the siege of Leningrad in 1945. And there’s folks out there angry because they couldn’t get a haircut.


The Current War – Benny Cumberbatch and Mike Shannon are Edison and Westinghouse dueling it out to see who gets to be Mr. Electricity for the world.


The Death of Dick Long – Dick died last night (spoiler alert!) but his buddies don’t want anyone finding out how he died in this comedy/crime dealy. From the guy who made the under-appreciated Swiss Army Man!


Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and the Band – Music doc about the amazing Robbie Robertson and his great band, The Band.


Recorder – Marion Stokes Project – Doc about Marion Stokes – a woman who, for some reason, recorded 30 years worth of Television on over 70,000 VHS tapes. This looks pretty cool.


Uncut Gems (on the shelves now) – Pretty good and intense thriller finds a shrill Adam Sandler being hounded but debt collector’s and other unsavory characters as he tries for one more big score!

Coming Soon!

Corpus Christi
The Lodge
Creepshow S1
Portrait of a Lady on Fire
Last Moment of Clarity
Sorry we Missed You

For those of you who may be interested, we’ve been doing a little family film class during this current apocalypse. Check out the great films we’ve seen. Might give you some inspiration to delve back into some amazing classics!

Till next week, be safe, be strong, fight the power!

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