The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Canada Day, Eh, Edition!

Surprise Saturday Edition!

Happy Canada Day to those who celebrate such things. I’m not going to get into any political views about today or anything, that’s what the yelly people on Twitter are for. We are only interested in movies today. Canadian movies. Underrated one might say, is Canadian cinema. There are so many great films. And we did a podcast! Might not be a great Canadian film, but it’s most definitely “A” Canadian film. Join Dylan, myself, and RJ from over at Video Cat as we have a few pops and discuss the weirdo Canadian film The Peanut Butter Solution! It’s a film, that we discovered, that people either have never heard of, or it scarred them for life after seeing it as a child. You decide!

I’ll be posting more films for sale on Instagram and Facebonk for you to scoop up at insanely cheap prices! Keep your eyes open, people!

Have a great sunny long weekend and I’ll talk at you soon!



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