We finally have the famed “Dogtropolis” T-shirts back in stock! We also have a new episode of the podcast up! Listen in as the three of us mugs (we also have mugs!) chat about the Nightmare on Elm St. charity movie marathon we did a few weeks back! Good times.

New Releases!

Blue Bayou – Korean-American fella has a tough time (and some nice times) living in the Louisiana Bayou.

Copshop – Wiley con-artist hides from an assassin in a cop shop aka police station. Pretty fun film if your idea of fun includes Gerald Butler.

Cry Macho – Old man Eastwood goes on a road trip with a kid running from an alcoholic mom. Not too sure if he also talks to any chairs.

Dear Evan Hansen – Film adaptation of the famed musical about suicide, identity and teenagers (many of whom are in their late 20s).

Fish & Men – Sad doc (cod spelled backwards!) about the high cost of cheap fish. Boy, us humans ruin everything, don’t we?

The Last Duel – Big brash medieval epic finds Matt Damon engaging in a duel with Adam Driver while Jodie Comer watches.

Mitchells vs The Machines – Wacky family’s road trip is interrupted by a robot apocalypse. (Animated fare, not a documentary)

Rick and Morty Season 5 – Season 5 of Rick and Morty.

Venom: Let There be Carnage – Tom Hardy and a mouthful of wise-cracking teeth are back for more shenanigans.

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit – Jewish family flees Hitler and other assorted Nazis.

Wild Indian – Two men confront the harsh realities of a murder of a schoolmate.

Older titles new to the Shop!

Detour (Criterion)
Savage Messiah

Coming Soon!

The Gardner
Birthday Cake
Hell Hath No Fury
Many Saints of Newark
No Time to Die

That’s it for this week folks. Don’t forget we have lots of lovely gift ideas for you, your loved ones or your family. Stay safe.


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