The Black Dog Video Newsletter August 6th – 12 “On the Ropes Edition!”


So I’m sure that it will come as no surprise that the Video rental business is a tough one. We want to keep providing access to the best film selection in the city for you, our loyal customers, but it’s getting harder and harder all the time. We’ve been racking (or is it wracking?) our brains to try to figure out a way to keep off life support and remain healthy. We’ve already upped our DVD sales options (special orders and a bigger in-store selection), and brought in new T-shirts. These ideas are helping, but we want your input. Here are a few suggestions we’ve come up with:

Turn part of the store into a cafe
Install a Tanning Booth
Fight Club

Sell new items such as:

Ice Cream
Posters (Movie paraphernalia)
Fight Club gear

Or maybe a wealthy patron would like to step in and take us under their wing. 🙂

We’re appealing to our wonderful customer base for ideas as well. What kind of things would you like to see at Black Dog? Shoot us your best thoughts! No idea is too dumb! We’re not quite ready to go into this good night.

New Releases!


Amazing Grace – Cool doc about Aretha Franklin belting it out in 1972.


American Experience: Woodstock – Cool doc about this concert that happened, like 50 years ago. You may or may not have heard of it.


Batman: Hush – Animated Batman movie in which Batman goes to the library and gets told, “Keep it down, Batman!”


The Command – Thriller about that nasty Russian submarine disaster that went down in 2000.


Curse of La LLorna – Hhorror mmovie about a gghost named Llorna.


Never Look Away – Oscar nominated German film about an artist haunted by his childhood experiences in the Nazi part of World War II.


Penguin Highway – Japanese animated fare that deals with small town folk, penguins and dental hygiene.


Pokemon Detective Pikachu – Canadian hero Ryan Reynolds is a cartoon thing called a Pokemon that solves crimes.


POMS – “Comedy” about some senior ladies who, for some unknown reason, decide to start a cheer-leading squad. Comedy hi-jinks, I presume, ensue.


Endeavour Season 6 – Season 6 of Endeavour.

Coming Soon!

All is True
Avengers: Endgame
Dark Forest
Finding Steve McQueen
Missing Link
Mr Mercedes Season 2
Plus One

Thanks for your time and for your support over the years. Let’s keep this train a rollin’!

Black Dog Video

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  1. Corina
    Corina says:

    Since you asked (what to buy) – snacks go with movies. Video business isnt my area of expertise, but that seems like a natural pairing?


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