The Black Dog Video Newsletter: As the World Turns Edition!


The Black Dog Video Newsletter: As the World Turns Edition!

The world turns. The plague ravages the land. The sun comes up. The moon offers hope. Dogs continue to bark. Cats lay on my keyboard. We have a new website – And with it comes a new episode of the famed Black Dog After Dark Podcast! Dreamscape, starring the recently departed Christopher Plummer, is on tap. Take a listen. Lighten the load.

We’re still interested in buying (or taking donations) of all of your previously-loved DVDs and Blu Rays. Shoot me an email if you want to talk.

New Releases!

(delayed package on the way and hopefully arriving this week with more things)


2067 – Fella hears that the future needs his help to avert an environmental catastrophe. Off he goes. Blu Ray coming soon.


A Call to Spy – Lady spies help save the day in the dark times of WWII.


Greenland – Gerard Butler (why is he in so many (disaster) movies?) has to get his family to Greenland before a comet strikes the earth creating an extinction catastrophe! I actually really enjoyed this nonsense! Blu Ray coming soon.

Coming Soon!

The Courier
Croods: New Age
The Last Vermeer
Miss Scarlett and the Duke
Wrong Turn: Foundation
Ip Man: Kung-Fu Master
Monster Hunter
Scare Me
Wonder Woman

We’ve also been tirelessly working to add more older fare to our already extensive collection. Here’s a few items recently welcomed into the Black Dog fold. More to come!


That’s it for this week folks. Stay safe. Stay hungry. Keep watching.

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