The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Army of Kindness Edition!

Hey! So it seems I forgot to send out a newsletter last week telling you about our Army of Darkness podcast! Well, let me tell you…
Hail to the King, baby! The Black Dog Video Podcast is joined by Vancouver musician and hair-cutting master Jeff (Steele) of Those Things/Jefferson’s Barbershop fame to drink and discuss Sam Raimi’s medieval mayhem that is Army Of Darkness…and drink. Digressions include remembering Casey Siemasko, the Wizard of Oz and hair. Lots of hair. Tune in, drop out, get involved!

Huge news! Black Dog’s own Dylan Rhymer has been accepted to the world famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival with his new comedy show!

Time. Money. Insanity. Brains in jars. Flying saucers. Breakfast cereal. There’s a little bit of everything. THE DARK SIDE OF THE ROOM is my full length stand up comedy show to be premiered in Edinburgh Scotland this summer. It is the culmination of over 20 years’ experience as a working comedian right here in my home of East Vancouver.

However, self-producing a comedy show for 21 nights is a daunting task and I could use a little help from my friends. The Edinburgh Fringe is a major undertaking that requires resources. By donating to this campaign you’ll be helping a working artist (me) stay afloat and focus on the most important thing: the show. Your contribution will help cover the basic costs, accommodation, food and travel. I am now halfway through my campaign with only a few weeks left to fund raise. Help me get across the finish line!

Please have a look at my Indiegogo campaign for more information!

Also wanted to let any of you movie collectors out there that I will be participating in the upcoming Great Grandview Garage Sale (June 17th I believe)! I’ll have piles of DVDs and Blu Rays up for grabs for cheap (think starting at $1 cheap!). More details in the next newsletter!

I hope y’all are being good to each other out there! Take care and talk at ya soon.

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