The Black Dog Video Newsletter April 2-8 “So, You Like Movies? Edition!”

Had a guy come into the store the other day and, as he’s perusing our cool films we have for sale, he says to me, “So you like movies?” I just stared blankly at him and told him to get out. Just kidding. But speaking of things for sale, we just added a huge pile of awesome titles over at Commercial (Cambie has lots as well)! Drop in to scoop up some neat box sets and films for very good prices!

Oh! There’s a brand new hilarious episode of our podcast ready for your ears. April Fool’s Day special!

New Releases!


Bumblebee – Another Transformers entry into this dreadful talking machines from outer space series. But…I hear that this one is actually quite good. Michael Bay was not involved. Can someone please stop letting that guy make movies.


Dog’s Way Home – Who’s a good boy?! Oh yes you are, you’re a good boy! Hoosyboosey!


Holmes and Watson – Will Farrell and John C. Reilly muck about as the famous detectives in this terrible “comedy”. Sorry.


On the Basis of Sex – Bio-pic of Ruth Bader Ginsberg (RBG!) that looks at her early life fighting for women’s rights and getting on the supreme court and other fun stuff. Bader is a weird name.


My Brilliant Friend – Excellent HBO series about an elderly woman recounting her times growing up in post war Naples with her friend. Her brilliant friend.


Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase – Teen detective hijinks.


Ray Donovan Season 6 – Season 6 of tough guy series, Ray Donovan.


Vice – Christian Bale magically transforms into human lizard toad, Dick Cheney, in this entertaining political comedy romp.


Welcome to Marwen – Based on the vastly superior documentary, Marwencol, Steve Carell plays a guy who gets beat up, spends some time in a coma and then turns into a weird artist.

Coming Soon!

Free Solo
The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then Bigfoot
Next of Kin
The Bouncer
Escape at Dannemora
Kid Who Would be King
Escape Room
Outlander Season 4
Vikings Season 5

The rains are a coming so might be time to hunker down with some fine film selections! Need some help? Check out here and here.

Till next week, my lovelies.

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