The Black Dog Newsletter: Workin’ It Edition!

The Black Dog Newsletter: Workin’ It Edition!

Here at Black Dog headquarters we’ve been working tirelessly to bring you the finest in world cinema. Since there hasn’t been much in the line of new things from the Hollywood dream factory this last year, we’ve scoured the planet in order to keep fresh and interesting films on the shelves for you. It’s a struggle but we love doing it and hope that you can find something to suit your fancy.

We’re also in the process of revamping the Black Dog website – – and getting our podcast (Black Dog After Dark) out there (see website or wherever you get your podcasts). Please tune in, drop out and turn on. Or something like that.

New Releases


1BR – These new neighbours seem awfully friendly. Too friendly one might think. Nifty little nail-biter.


Adverse – Ride-share fella discovers his sister is in debt to a scary crime lord. Stars Mickey Rourke, who’s looking more and more like an Arby’s sandwich everyday.


The Courier – Courier discovers she’s delivering a bomb. Stars Gary Oldman, who seems to sliding into lowbrow things (he’s got an eye-patch!) after his Oscar win.


The Croods: New Age – More Croods.


Fatale – Neo-noir with Hilary Swank, who seems to be sliding into more lowbrow things after her Oscar wins, as a detective with an agenda.


Ip Man: Kung Fu Master – You can’t keep a good Ip Man down. No Donnie Yen this time around though.


Last Vermeer – Guy Pearce is a fancy artist suspected of selling art to the Nazis. But is that the truth? Can you handle the truth?!


Miss Scarlett and the Duke – Britain’s first female detective is on the case!


Monster Hunter – Video game movie has Milla Jovovich fighting giant monsters for some reason.


Scare Me – Two strangers tell scary stories to each other in a cabin during a power outage. Yep.


You Never Had It: An Evening with Bukowski – Doc and interviews with the crusty old writer.


Wrong Turn: Foundation – Why do these good looking kids keep taking the wrong turn?!

Coming Soon

1942: Unknown Battle
Alone with Her Dreams
Crazy Samurai: 400 vs 1
Jekyll and Hyde
Louis Van Beethoven
My Dog Stupid
Smooth Talk
The Trouble with You
The Wedding Guest
The Witches

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That’s it for this week, my lovelies. Stay calm. Stay fresh. Stay safe. See you soon.

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