The Black Dog Newsletter: Whistle Pig Edition!

When my kid was 5 years old, he came home from school and proclaimed, “It’s not Groundhog Day, Dad! It’s Whistle Pig Day!” So that’s what we’ve been calling it for the past 11 years (still don’t know what it means). One other thing that made me laugh regarding Groundhog Day is someone said, “Interesting that people will take weather reports from a groundhog (whistle pig) but they won’t take medical advice from a doctor”. What an age we live in!

New Releases!

Clifford The Big Red Dog – Giant menacing dog terrorizes neighborhood. At least I think that’s what happens.

Dick Johnson is Dead – Interesting (acclaimed!) doc about a daughter helping her dad prepare for his death.

The Dry – Investigating guy, Eric Bana, returns to his hometown after the death of a friend (who killed himself and his family). Then he starts poking around. This looks pretty good!

King Richard – Will Smith is the dad of Venus and Serena Williams in this highly touted (Oscar bait) drama.

MLK/FBI – Fine, maddening doc about the FBI and their surveillance and harassment of MLK.

Small Engine Repair – Comedy drama thriller with Jon Bernthal about 3 friends helping out a woman (maybe fixing her car?) who they all adore. Gets high marks on the internets!

Old Titles New to the Shop

Andrei Rublov – Criterion Blu Ray

Arrebato – Blu ray – This looks tres cool!

Coming Soon!

Black Moon
C’mon C’mon
The Drowning
Finding Alice S1
The Last Son
Summer of Soul

We just got a new supply of the best selling Totoro socks back in stock. Also expect to see a cool Totoro T-Shirt and well as a new Black Dog shirt (hopefully soon!).

Reminder that the shop will be closed on Saturday February 12th for a commercial film shoot.

That’s it for this week, kids. Don’t forget about us. Sales. Rentals. Memberships.

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