The Black Dog Newsletter: “Where We’re At and Where We’re Going Edition”


So as some of you may know we are in the midst of a huge deadly pandemic! Many shops are closed and many are wondering what to do. We’re playing it day to day. We’ve been taking measures to help ensure everyone’s good health – disinfecting all movie cases, wiping down the counters, debit machines, door handles, Dylan. We will remain open for as long as we can but at reduced hours – noon until 8pm at both locations (Cambie today, Commercial tomorrow) but this may change in the near future. Check the website for daily updates.

We will continue to offer our swell deals while this crisis lingers:

5 catalogue titles for $10 for a week (if you need more time, let us know)
3 New Releases for the price of 2
Buy 2 of our $5 movies and get a third for free

Also, if you don’t want to spend a lot of time in the stores, call or email or monkey courier in your requests and we’ll have them ready for you to pick up. And when you’re in the shop try to practice what is being called “social distancing”. Don’t stand so close to me the Police once said.

If there’s any folks at risk – seniors, babies, Bigfoots – we can probably arrange to have some films delivered to you if you live close enough to the stores. We don’t have any Black Dog mobile vehicles but I’m sure we can figure something out.

We’re all in this together so lets be kind and help each other out.

Onto the Movies!

New Releases!


1917 – Fine WWI film about fighting in the trenches with the running and shooting and hey hey. Excellent cinematography (I think it’s all done in 3 or 4 for long takes) elevates this into the class of classic war films. Recommended.


Black Christmas – Another kick at the old Black Christmas can. Nothing they do will ever touch the greatness of the original. Still, I’ll watch this.


Come to Daddy – Fun and twisted tale of a guy (Frodo) who travels to Tofino to meet up with his estranged dad. Things don’t go very well. Check this one out. I loved it!


Jumanji: The Next One – The Rock, Black Jack and others (possibly a horse? Maybe a talking horse?) are back for more Jumaji style hijinks!


Richard Jewel – Drama from old man Eastwood about that guy who saved thousands of folks from a bomb at the 1996 Olympics only to find himself branded a terrorist! People are jerks. (DVDS will be at Cambie tomorrow)

Coming Soon!

Little Joe
Ray & Liz
Star Wars: Something Something
Mr Robot S4
Fleabag S2

So that’s about it. Hit up one of our many fine lists of recommendations if it pleases you. Stay safe, wash your hands, shower weekly (at least), don’t touch your face or anyone else’s and let’s hope this ends soon!

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