The Black Dog Newsletter : “What is Even Happening Anymore Edition?!”


As we witness the fall of the American empire, the plague ravishing the land and murder hornets having their way with our bees, a bit of good news casts a ray of light into the darkness. Black Dog Video, and many other business, are back in action! We’re open everyday noon till 6pm at both shops. These hours will be adjusted in the coming weeks to suit your needs. And we’ve taken precautions to make your visit to our shops as safe and enjoyable as possible:

– Plexiglas barriers have been installed
– We’ve had both shops entirely disinfected courtesy of the good folks at Zeroblast
– We’re limiting the number of people in the stores to 5-6 at a time.
– Please don’t stay too long – browsing is OK but only for renters and speedy buyers
– We wipe down all incoming DVD cases with our special bleach solution
– Please give each other room to roam in the shops. Get spaced out!

We received the shipment of New Releases mentioned in the previous newsletter!

The Hunt
I Wish I Knew
Never Really Sometimes Often
Watchmen Season 1

And we should (hopefully) have a few more titles by the end of this week. They might include:

The Current War
The Death of Dick Long
Once Were Brothers
Recorder- The Marion Stokes Project

And hopefully in the next couple of weeks:

Creepshow Season 1
Extra Ordinary
Harley Quinn Season 1
Portrait of a Lady on Fire
Corpus Christi

Also, I just wanted to mention before I bid adieu, our sweet deals remain in place everyday:
5 beautiful old titles for $15 and 3 shiny New Releases for the price of 2!

And…if you haven’t already, get your late returns back as soon as you can please.

Be safe, be happy, it’s good to be back.

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