The Black Dog Newsletter! Weather Delay Edition!

The Black Dog Newsletter! Weather Delay Edition!


Being at the whims of the transport couriers can be a bit of a headache. Case in point – I’ve been waiting for this week’s shipment to arrive since Monday. Weather Delay is what they tell me. I checked the weather across Canada (they are shipped from Ontario) and I can’t find any reason for this Weather Delay. My guess is that they are either too busy, have been attacked by pirates (possibly form space) or they have run into a plague of flying poison monkeys. Whatever the reason, they are late. Hopefully for the weekend!

If they do arrive expect to see these on the shelves!


The Beach House – That’s a nice beach house to spend some time at. But what’s with the creepy fog and weird goings ons?


The Call – A phone call connects two people – one living in the past and the other in the present. What’s that all about?


Echo Boomers – Michael Shannon and his buds steal from the rich and give to, well, themselves. Love us some Shannon!


Infidel – Dude gets himself all kidnapped in Cairo. His State Department wife tries her darndest to get him free. You won’t believe what happens next!


Flesh and Blood – British mini-series featuring families, betrayal and, of course, a murder! A murder most foul!


Possessor – Brandon Cronenberg’s (yes) latest violent mind-bender has nasty assassins inhabiting other folks bodies to do their dirty work. Can. Not. Wait. (we have 1-2 DVDs at the moment, waiting on the rest)


Smiley Face Killers – Is Handsome Jake being followed by a crazy band of serial killers or is he slowly going nuts? You decide!

Coming Soon (Fingers Crossed!)

Avenue Five Season 1
The Craft: Legacy
The Nest
The War with Grandpa
Joan Jett- Bad Reputation
Body at Brighton Rock
The Velocipastor

In the meantime, please enjoy:

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Talk at you soon!

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